Our Process

To maintain the supreme levels of customer service and value to both clients and candidates, we constantly review and develop our recruitment practice and supporting systems and processes.

Understanding & Promoting the Requirements

Our process begins by listening to the client’s needs and gaining an understanding of their business’s culture and the requisites of the position to be sourced.

We market vacancies through online job advertisements, cold-calling or emails. The only responsibility of our Client is to simply review the best results produced by our candidate outreach efforts.

Then we initiate advanced search to reference our pool of candidates and their network of industry, Internet and personal connections to identify those with the necessary skills. Considering both those seeking employment and those passive individuals qualified but not actively searching for a new position to produce a list of people with the required skills.

Job vacancies posted online yield applications from hundreds of candidates, only a tiny fraction of whom are actually qualified. Motivated chiefly to fill client’s position, we handle the grunt work of reviewing an abundance of documents and conducting phone screens with the corresponding candidates. Thus, using our service greatly reduces client’s preliminary pool of applicants.

Assessment & Evaluation

A recruiter fully understands the typical candidate profile for a particular position – including average compensation, requirements and responsibilities – and will advise client to alter criteria, if necessary. If a client upholds impossible standards for candidates with our niche market expertise, we will help to modify their search.

Disinterested candidates are likely to abandon process – either by putting their job search on hold or by accepting an offer with a competitor. Recruiter pre-screen professionals for fit, capability and enthusiasm, meaning client will experience fewer interview no-shows and offer turndowns.

We then contact each promising candidate, performing an initial interview by phone to confirm their availability and status. Thus we obtain insight into their personality by identifying strengths, weaknesses, history of positive & negative relations with others, decision-making skills, accomplishments and reasons for career choices


After CV evaluation by client, we will coordinate client interview and facilitate testing if required


Obtaining Offer and clarifying candidates queries

Post Selection Process

Follow Up with candidate, Explaining the process to selected candidates and Assisting them to complete Medical (for overseas jobs)


Pre Departure Orientation (Overseas jobs)

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