Weight Control Engineer

Job Ref: VAC-66664






Dec 14 2019

Job Description

Job Ref: VAC-66664

Weight Control Engineer - Milan


" Multidisciplinary person interested in defining and monitoring the weight and centres of gravity (usually in the operating and installation conditions) of large offshore structures projects

" Preparation of Weight Control Procedures in accordance with Company and International Standards

" Implementation and management of weight control processes on major oil and gas projects. In particular the activity requires to check that the weight and centres of gravity are within the predetermined values of "Weight Limit and centre of gravity envelope" which are defined by a joint study of other project disciplines

" Identify any corrective action in the event that discrepancies have been detected

" Providing of weight control reports, taking into account all technical requirements (structural, marine, mechanical, operational, etc.)

" Set-up, data acquisition and data entry for weight control database

" Provide and manage interface with all other project disciplines, in order both to receive and provide required input data

Essential Skills:

" Self-motivated, tenacious

" Excellent communication and stakeholder management skills

" Flexibility and positive attitude to change

" Strong working knowledge of weight control gained from executed projects

" Good knowledge of weight control procedures and reference standards

" MS Excel / MS Access / AutoCad

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